The Best Fare Guarantee on CashFlights.comĀ® applies to customers who first visit the site to make a qualifying airfare purchase on air, hotel travel and do so through use of the web site.


CashFlights Guarantees to send you to the best site to find the lowest price. This information is based on our own research, consumer reports, and historical accurate information. As a general rule you should verify that you have searched the entire site and suggestions of the site before filling out the best price request.
If a lower total airfare of $5 or greater inclusive of all taxes and fees is found on another U.S. point-of-sale travel web site for the exact same Eligible Carrier flight(s), itinerary, date(s) and cabin and with same fare rules and restrictions after purchasing the ticket through a partner on, and if all of the additional requirements and conditions set forth below are satisfied, the reward will be $25.00 USD.
In addition, CashFlights will forward to the provider for any additional refunds, credits or guarantees.

For a claim to be valid under the Best Price Guarantee, it must satisfy all terms and conditions and be submitted in compliance with the claims processing procedures, all as set out herein. The Best Fare Guarantee is available to any customer who first visits the web site. Qualifying purchase must occur directly on the partner website and proof of purchase is required. The Best Fare Guarantee is valid only for lower fares found online for the exact same Eligible Carrier flight(s), itinerary (including flight number(s)), date(s) and cabin and with same fare rules and restrictions and available for purchase on the same calendar day as the original online request.
The Best Fare Guarantee applies only to U.S. point-of-sale with travel originating in the domestic 50 United States for tickets purchased through partners of The guarantee applies to tickets purchased using a valid credit card with a United States billing address. CashFlights must be able to verify the lower online published fare at the time of claim review and that the site does not exist on or the sites that CashFlights Search Engines Recommends.

The claim submittal web form is available at in the "About us" tab under the " Web Services" link. To submit a claim, fill out all required fields on the claim form and click "Submit". Only one claim may be submitted per qualifying airfare purchase. Following submission of a claim, someone from CashFlights Customer Service will contact you via e-mail. If we are unable to replicate the lower airfare, we may request additional information and documentation (such as a screen shot) from you in order to verify the lower online airfare. Any such additional information must be submitted promptly thereafter. Please keep a copy of all such documentation. CashFlights reserves the right to deny any claims that cannot be reasonably verified, or for which you have provided incomplete information. Claims may be submitted only via the online claim form at and not through any other e-mail address or any CashFlights phone number or facsimile number. Exceptions:

The Best Fare Guarantee does not apply to unpublished fares. Unpublished fares are those not available to the general public and include, but are not limited to, wholesaler or consolidator fares, corporate, military, government, contract, or other discounted fares. The Best Fare Guarantee does not apply to package fares, including but not limited to airfares sold as part of a travel package, nor does it apply to airfares where the carrier or itinerary details are unknown until after purchase. The Best Fare Guarantee does not apply to airfares on another web site that have been reduced as a result of promotional discounts, such as dollars off coupons, loyalty program discounts or fly "free" offers nor does it apply to differences of less than $5. Other conditions:

Void where prohibited by law. CashFlights reserves the right to modify or cancel the Best Fare Guarantee at any time without prior notice. Any modification will be effective upon posting of modified Best Fare Guarantee Terms and Conditions on the web site. Any cancellation will be effective upon removal of references to the Best Fare Guarantee and the Best Fare Guarantee Terms and Conditions from the web site.